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Dandelion weeds overtaking a yard near Arlington, VA.

Weed Control Services in Arlington, Falls Church, Annandale, & Nearby Cities in Virginia

Say goodbye to your persistent lawn weed problem by enrolling in our weed control treatment program.

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Weed Control Treatments for Properties in & Around Arlington, Falls Church, and Annandale, VA

We use pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments to take care of common weeds like crabgrass and dandelions.

Annandale, VA yard with crabgrass and clover weeds growing in yard.

Weeds can be a real pain. They not only make your lawn look messy, but they also steal nutrients, water, and sunlight from your grass and plants. That is why it is so important to enroll in a program like ours that includes both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments to both prevent and cure a weed infestation.

Our program runs from early spring all the way until late fall, keeping your lawn protected year-round. After over a decade of servicing the Arlington, Falls Church, and Annandale areas, our company knows exactly how to handle common weeds in Northern Virginia such as crabgrass, dandelions, and white clovers.

Randy and his team have helped us solve several landscaping issues. We highly recommend Rimble and love that we are supporting a local business.

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Enroll in our weed control program today and say goodbye to those pesky weeds! Call (703) 527-6950 now!

Pre-Emergent VS Post-Emergent Weed Control

Effective weed control treatment plans will always have both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications. Pre-emergent weed control is used for preventing weeds from sprouting up through your soil. It will work its magic below the surface of your soil, stopping the seed germination process in its tracks to ensure that it does not grow any further. Post-emergent applications are just the opposite - they are used to kill weeds that have already grown into full plants. We use our post-emergent treatments to take care of any weeds that slipped through our pre-emergent applications.

Our 7-Step Weed Control Program Runs from Early Spring to Late Fall

Our weed control program schedule is dependent on the weather and growing seasons throughout the year. We strategically apply pre and post-emergent treatments during the times that they will be most effective for eradicating your weeds. Our weed control program also includes fertilizer applications, lime and mineral treatments, soil conditioner, grub control, and a soil test. Below is the layout of our program:

  • Early spring: This is the best and most effective time of the year to apply pre-emergent weed control. Early spring is when your seeds are gearing up for growth and we will use our treatment to catch the weed seeds before they grow into full plants. Our crew will apply pre-emergent crabgrass control, as crabgrass is one of the most common weeds we see in this area. In addition to this, we will also use our post-emergent products to take care of any weeds that grew over the winter season. Fertilizer is also applied at this time to feed your soil essential nutrients.
  • Late spring: We will apply another round of pre-emergent weed control to continue to prevent crabgrass weeds. This treatment will also include sulfate of potash and micro-nutrients. Our team will also apply another round of post-emergent weed control.
  • Early summer: As the weather gets warmer and warmer, our crew will solely focus on post-emergent treatments to take care of any broadleaf, grassy, or sedge weeds that have slipped through our pre-emergent applications. We will also apply a preventative grub control treatment and soil conditioner.
  • Mid-summer: For our 4th visit of the year, our crew will come back to take another look and use our post-emergent products to treat any weeds that are still growing on your property. We will also apply more soil conditioner and run a soil test. This soil test will determine nutrient levels and allow us to customize your program.
  • Early fall: More post-emergent products are applied. We will also add a fertilizer treatment to encourage root growth and seed establishment.
  • Late fall: Another post-emergent treatment is applied. This will get your lawn ready for the snow and ensure that there are no weeds that will steal essential nutrients from your grass and plants when they need it the most. We will also apply another fertilizer treatment.
  • Late fall: To close out the year, our crew will return one last time to administer a lime and mineral treatment. The amount and types of minerals are determined by the soil test that we ran earlier in the year. We will also apply one last post-emergent weed control treatment.

Lawn weed control in the Arlington Area Since 2010 - Call Us Today

Fairfax, VA property with a weed-free home lawn.

Whether your lawn is full of nutrient-stealing weeds or you just want to get ahead of the game and take preventative measures, our team can help. Our company has been serving the Arlington, Falls Church, and Annandale, VA areas since 2010. We have the experience and training to effectively protect your lawn from weeds all year long. Call our office today at (703) 527-6950 to enroll in our weed control treatment program.