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McLean, VA home with shrub and hedge trimming services.

Shrub & Bush Trimming in Arlington, Falls Church, Annandale, & Nearby Cities in Virginia

Keep your landscape clean and tidy with our bush and shrub trimming services

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We offer bush and shrub trimming services to the Arlington, Falls Church, and Annandale, VA areas.

Trimming your shrubs and bushes will give your landscape an overall manicured look.

Trimming shrubs and bushes in front of an Arlington, VA home.

Unfortunately, it's not enough to just mow your grass every once in a while. Every plant on your landscape will grow, including your shrubs and bushes. When they were planted, they probably looked great and nicely manicured. Now, however, after some time has passed, they might be starting to look a little bit messy. Hire a professional team like ours to take care of your overgrown vegetation so you can get back to having the cleanest looking lawn on the block!

Rimble Landscaping is an outstanding service. The work is professionally done and is a great value for the cost.

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At Rimble Landscaping, you can pick and choose when our team shows up to trim your shrubs, hedges, and bushes; Some clients sign up for a monthly schedule and others request it as needed. Schedule your trimming service for your property in or around Arlington, Falls Church, or Annandale, VA and see for yourself the positive impact it will make on your plants, including better overall growth.

When should you be scheduling your trimming service?

Maybe you just recently noticed how overgrown your shrubs, bushes, and hedges have gotten and you want a one-time trimming service. Or, maybe you want your property to look clean and manicured at all times, so you're looking for more of a regularly scheduled trim. Regardless of what you are searching for, we can help! Our company gives you the option to schedule your trimming service whenever you see fit. However, we do highly recommend getting on a regular monthly or bi-monthly trimming schedule because of the great health and appearance benefits that it offers.

If your property needs a little bit more TLC than just some trimming, you can sign up for our spring cleanup service. This package includes shrub, bush, and hedge trimming as well as additional lawn maintenance services like debris cleanup, weed pulling, edging, and more.

Trimming Your Plants Will Improve Their Appearance & Health

Falls Church, Virginia home with trimmed shrubs.

Trimming offers both appearance and plant health benefits. If you let nature run its course for years, your bushes, shrubs, and hedges will surely show it. Not only will they look messy and unkempt, but their health will also deteriorate at a much faster rate. Below are all of the great benefits you get from scheduling a regular trimming service:

  • You will be able to control the shape of your plants. Whether it's a rounded top, a flat top, or a completely customized look, our crew can trim your shrubs, bushes, and hedges to look exactly how you want them to. You can even change your mind about their design each time we visit!
  • Regular trimming visits mean your plants are getting a regular inspection. Our experts are trained to identify any insect infestation or diseases that are taking over your vegetation. Early diagnosis is key, and if we ever notice that something is wrong with your shrubs, bushes, or hedges, we will immediately come up with a personalized plan of action.
  • Essential nutrients will get better access to the important parts of your plant. The extra, overgrown branches on your plant are using up the nutrients to continue growing. Once they are finally removed, the rest of your plant will be able to access those nutrients and it will eventually grow thicker and fuller.

Improve Your Property's Appearance & Your Plant's Health With Our Trimming Services

Our company has been trimming plants in the Arlington, Falls Church, and Annandale, VA area since 2010. We will take care of your shrubs, bushes, and hedges with the utmost care and expertise. Call our office today at (703) 527-6950 to schedule your one-time or regular trimming service.