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We offer lawn mowing services to properties in the Arlington, Falls Church, and Annandale, VA areas.

String-trimming, edging, and grass clipping cleanup is always included at each visit.

Freshly mowed lawn in Falls Church, Virginia.

Lawn mowing is one of those tasks that you spend hours on each week, only to have to do it again next week. Let us help you take back your precious free time with our lawn mowing program. Our crew will efficiently and effectively cut your grass so that you can use those hours to relax and actually do something that you love!

Our mowing season starts in late March. We have been mowing lawns in the Arlington, Falls Church, and Annandale, VA areas since 2010, so you can trust our experts to always do what's right for your lawn. We don't just cut your grass; string-trimming, edging, and grass clipping cleanup are always included at each visit. Sign up for our mowing program today so that you can rest easy knowing that a professional team like ours is taking care of your lawn.

I've had nothing but positive experiences with Rimble since first signing on for services. They come on time and do a great job. They're also very responsive and professional. Recommend!

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Our Lawn Mowing Program Schedule

When you sign up for our mowing program, our first visit will be around late March. We will give your lawn its first mow of the year, setting it up for success for the rest of the growing season. From then on, you can choose to have your lawn mowed either weekly or bi-weekly. Don't worry - choosing one or the other doesn't lock you into that decision. We allow our customers to switch back and forth between weekly and bi-weekly mows as the season progresses. Our last visit will be around late November to give your lawn its last cut before the snow begins to fall.

Our customers always have the option to start our mowing program early or end it late.

Each Mowing Session Includes String-Trimming, Edging, & Grass Clipping Cleanup

String-trimming a lawn near Arlington, Virginia.

Enrolling in our lawn mowing program doesn't just mean you will get your grass cut. We include additional services at every single visit to make sure your lawn looks its best:

  • String-trimming: We use a small string trimmer to cut the areas of grass that our mower can't reach.
  • Edging: Our crew will walk around each area where your grass meets a hard surface, such as a walkway or your driveway. We will cut the overgrown grass in these areas to tidy up the overall look of your landscape.
  • Blowing debris: Each mowing session will leave a lot of grass clippings everywhere. Our last step for each visit is our cleanup where we use a blower to sweep all grass clippings off of your walkways and driveway.

Our company has a variety of lawnmower sizes, some even as small as 21-inches wide, to compensate for small gate entries.

5 Ways Our Company Takes Care of Your Lawn at Each Visit

  1. We will always mow at the correct height according to the needs of your turf type.
  2. Our crew will rotate their mowing patterns each time we visit.
  3. We will never mow your grass if it is wet. This will prevent tearing your grass blades.
  4. We always use a three-point turn strategy with our mowers to avoid creating ruts in your lawn.
  5. Our company will never cut your grass with dull mower blades. This will also prevent tearing your grass blades.

Trust the company that has been mowing lawns since 2010. Call us today.

Quality work, well priced, and straight forward customer service. They specialize in lawn mowing and maintenance, so highly recommend them for that!

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Stop spending hours each week cutting your grass! Enroll in our lawn mowing program so that you can take back your free time and rest easy knowing that you are leaving your lawn in the hands of professionals that have been doing this for over a decade. We offer our lawn mowing program to residential properties located in the Arlington, Falls Church, and Annandale, VA areas. Contact our company today at (703) 527-6950 to sign up!