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Lawn with pattern and landscape bed in Burke, VA.

Burke, VA Lawn Care, Maintenance, & Landscaping Services

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Comprehensive Lawn Maintenance, Care, & Landscaping in Burke, VA

We've been providing professional service to your neighbors since 2010!

Burke, VA serves as a true refuge from bustling cities, home to one of the area's best natural resources: Burke Lake. This lake is 218 acres and features a myriad of activities in and around it, including the usual suspects like fishing, boating, and camping, but also a miniature train, carousel, amphitheater, and more. A nature lover's dream, Burke boasts a rich outdoor lifestyle that its residents love to enjoy!

Rimble Landscaping is honored to serve this community with our shared love of nature. We offer unparalleled lawn maintenance, care, and landscaping services for residential properties in and around Burke, VA. Whether you need fertilization, mowing, or an in-depth landscape renovation, we have what it takes to make your lawn and landscape dreams a reality.

We offer professional lawn maintenance services.

Freshly mowed lawn with patterns in Burke, VA.

To keep your lawn looking sharp year-round, look no further than our expert lawn maintenance services. Our lawn mowing service starts in late March and includes string trimming, edging, and grass clipping cleanup. To freshen up your landscape beds, we can install rock or mulch ground covers. We offer shrub and bush trimming as well to make your landscape look well-manicured.

To give your lawn a full reset after winter, we offer a professional spring cleanup that includes debris removal, weed pulling, edging, mowing, and more – and we can do the same in our fall cleanups to battle the falling leaves! We also offer leaf removal as an independent service so you can schedule that as much or as little as you need throughout the year.

Our comprehensive lawn care includes services like aeration and overseeding.

Core aerator machine in lawn in Burke, VA.

Taking your lawn to the next level will be easy with our comprehensive lawn care services. We have developed a fertilization and weed control program that will nourish your grass and help protect against weeds year-round so you never have to worry! We also offer aeration and overseeding. Our core aeration service will loosen up your lawn's soil, creating new channels for nutrients, water, and air to flow through and reach the deep roots of your grass so it can grow strong and healthy! These channels are doubly advantageous with overseeding, as the new seeds will have excellent soil contact to encourage germination and fill out any bare spots in your lawn.

If you need a total reset in your lawn, we also offer sod installation to give you a clean slate with an instantly beautiful, healthy lawn.

We design and build custom patios, walkways, fire pits, and more!

Outdoor steps installed in Burke, VA.

We offer a variety of landscaping services that will upgrade your landscape and improve your property value. Using in-depth knowledge of focal points, colors, balance, and more, our team can revitalize your landscape with a planting and landscape bed renovation. We can utilize annual flower planting as well, pulling from well-loved varieties such as petunias, pansies, geraniums, marigolds, begonias, and impatiens.

For hardscaping features, we focus on the sweet spot where form and function meet. Our patios and walkways create usable space in your landscape and safe paths for guests to follow while being made of beautiful materials like concrete pavers, flagstone, or brick. We can use the same materials to build outdoor steps leading off the patio or that are needed to compensate for sloping land. A custom driveway installation will be sure to turn heads, and there's no better representation of the overlap of utility and beauty than a seating or retaining wall. Last but certainly not least, is any outdoor space complete without an outdoor fire pit or fireplace to create a warm gathering spot for loved ones? We don't think so!

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If any of the above caught your eye, don't wait! We're ready to get started on your next project, whether it's lawn maintenance, care, or landscaping. At Rimble Landscaping, we have the expertise and dedication needed to execute perfection, and it's our mission to bring that to every job we do. We serve the communities in and around Burke, VA with only the best lawn and landscape solutions, so call us today at (703) 527-6950 to schedule your next service!