You may already know that fertilizer provides your lawn with important nutrients to help your grass thrive, but do you know what these nutrients are? If not, don't worry, we have the answer for you! Most fertilizers consist of three main nutrients that are crucial for a successful lawn: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each of these three nutrients offers unique benefits to your lawn, allowing it to thrive throughout the year. Nitrogen is known as the most important nutrient of the three. This nutrient promotes healthy, green grass while helping it grow strong to make it less susceptible to diseases. Phosphorus aids in the development of the roots of your grass and plays a crucial role in helping new turf establish itself. Potassium is the nutrient that will help your lawn resist insect infestations and diseases. These three nutrients are critical for lawns in Virginia to thrive and remain healthy all year.

Nitrogen promotes healthy grass growth.

Tall grass height from fertilizer treatments in Arlington, VA.

Nitrogen is considered to be the most important nutrient out of the three because it's primarily responsible for the growth of your grass. A significant amount of nitrogen will help your grass grow strong and is a crucial factor in ensuring your grass grows that healthy, vibrant green color that every property owner loves! If your lawn lacks nitrogen, it will thin out and turn yellow, which is not only unappealing, but it will also make your grass more susceptible to disease! If you want your lawn to be vibrant and dense, be sure to fertilize your grass with nitrogen.

It is possible to apply too much nitrogen, so it's important to consult a lawn care provider first to avoid accidentally harming your grass.

Phosphorus aids in the development of strong roots.

Phosphorus is primarily used to aid in the development of a strong root system for your lawn. This nutrient can help grass that is already established, but phosphorus is relied on heavily for early development, which is why there are always high levels of it in starter fertilizers. In the early growth stages, without the proper amount of phosphorus, even a light rain will wash away your grass because it has not been anchored into your soil. Once your grass has fully established itself, you can cut back on the amount of phosphorus.

Potassium helps your lawn fight off stressors such as insect infestations and lawn diseases.

Potassium nutrient in fertilizer in Alexandria, VA.

To keep your lawn healthy and stress-free, it relies on potassium to fight off certain stressors such as insect infestations and lawn diseases. If your lawn has enough potassium, it will be better prepared to withstand these stressors and avoid significant damage. Potassium will also help your lawn resist other stressors like cold temperatures and drought. As a result, a significant amount of this nutrient is used in winterizer fertilizer treatments to prepare your grass for the cold weather.

Wilted and yellowing blades are signs that your lawn needs more potassium.

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