Everyone's dream lawn is healthy and full of beautiful green grass. Fortunately, you can make this a reality by scheduling an overseeding service this fall! Overseeding is highly beneficial, as it helps fill bare and patchy areas with new, healthy grass growth! However, that's not all - a thicker lawn is stronger and more resilient, so it'll have better defenses against stressors like insect infestations, lawn diseases, and even weeds. Because cool-season seeds are best to use for overseeding here in Virginia, it should be done in the fall to provide ideal conditions for them and prepare your lawn for the impending winter. Continue reading to learn more about why you should schedule an overseeding service this fall!

Overseeding helps to fill any bare or patchy areas on your lawn with new, healthy grass growth.

Bare patch in lawn with seeds applied from overseeding service in Arlington, VA.

Your lawn can experience various adversities throughout the year that can damage it and cause patchy and bare spots, from lawn diseases and insect infestations to the summer heat and anything else. Fortunately, that's where overseeding comes in! Overseeding consists of spreading grass seeds across your turf, so if there are bare or patchy areas, it will help to fill them in with new, healthy growth. Not only will this improve its health, but it'll also boost its curb appeal tenfold!

Many lawn care companies pair their overseeding service with core aeration to encourage direct seed-to-soil contact and more successful germination!

Overseeding will make your lawn thicker and stronger, which helps it better withstand stressors.

While overseeding fills in bare and patchy areas, it also increases the overall density of your turf. A thicker lawn is stronger, as the grass is its first line of defense, plus more resilient, which helps it better withstand stressors. For example, weeds have fewer opportunities to sprout on your lawn and steal nutrients for themselves when there's more grass than weak, empty spots. It'll also have the strength to resist and naturally fight off insect infestations and lawn diseases rather than becoming completely overrun.

Overseeding should be done in the fall, as it's the ideal time and will prepare your lawn for the winter.

Snow in an overseed lawn in Alexandria, VA.

While overseeding offers numerous benefits for your lawn, it should be done at the right time to yield the best results. Because of this, you'll want to schedule an overseeding service in the fall. Cool-season seeds are best to use in our area, and as the name implies, they thrive when the weather is cooler. So, fall is the ideal time and provides optimal conditions for the seeds to germinate and establish in the soil.

Performing overseeding in the fall will also help prepare your lawn for the winter, which can be stressful. After all, it goes dormant during this season, and various stressors come with colder weather. Fortunately, the seeds will have enough time to grow and thicken your turf before then, building up its defenses and strength to survive until next spring.

A tall fescue blend is a perfect cool-season seed to use for overseeding because it grows into durable, resilient grass.

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Do you want a beautiful and healthy lawn this fall? If so, look no further than our overseeding service! Our team at Rimble Landscaping will spread a premium blend of tall fescue seeds across your turf to fill bare and patchy areas with new, healthy grass growth. That way, you can boast a thicker, denser lawn before long! We also pair it with our core aeration service to yield the best results.

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