It is quite common to find a pile of leaves on your lawn here and there throughout the fall time. Leaf piles are not always negative; in fact, small amounts of leaves will decompose and can actually add essential nutrients to your soil. However, large piles of leaves left to take over your yard will attract lawn diseases, encourage pest infestations, and block essential nutrients from reaching your grass. The best way to prevent these bad things from happening to your lawn in Virginia is to stop them at the source by removing your leaf piles.

Leaves block nutrients and water from reaching your grass.

While small amounts of leaves can actually be beneficial for your lawn, large leaf piles are a big problem. When left for too long, leaves can smother your lawn, thus blocking water and essential nutrients from getting to your roots. This will weaken your grass and could kill it, leaving you with brown spots covering your yard once springtime rolls around. Besides killing the grass you already have, untouched leaf piles can also inhibit the growth of new grass in the warmer seasons.

Leaves attract pest infestations to your lawn.

Insect infestation over leaf pile in Arlington, VA.

The occasional critter hanging out on your lawn is no problem; however, your untouched leaf piles could be attracting a whole lot more than the occasional critter to your lawn! Leaf piles are the ideal living conditions for pests such as mice, rats, snakes, and insects like ants and earwigs. Leaf piles are often dark and warm, which is the type of environment that many pests love. Leaves are also quite moist, allowing for mold and fungus to grow within the leaf pile, which provides a food source for insects and other animals.

Some pests and rodents are known to carry diseases, so you'll want to do everything you can to prevent them from infesting your yard.

Leaves provide the ideal environment for lawn diseases.

Dollar spot found in lawn in Annandale, VA.

Because the leaves are blocking sunlight from reaching your grass, this means that your lawn is unable to properly aerate; this will prevent moisture from evaporating on your lawn and will result in moist, moldy conditions on your turf. These are the perfect conditions for harboring lawn diseases. The two most common lawn diseases in Virginia are dollar spot and brown patch. If your lawn is suffering from dollar spot, you will likely notice small spots in your grass that appear tan or bleached-white. If your lawn is suffering from brown patch, you will see sunken, circular patches of dead grass that can be up to three feet wide. The best way to prevent these diseases from infecting your lawn is to remove the leaf piles on your lawn.

Diseases like dollar spot and brown patch can quickly turn your lawn from lush and healthy to thin and patchy.

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There are multiple reasons why leaving your leaf piles untouched can damage your lawn. When leaves are left undisturbed for the entire autumn or winter season, they can block key nutrients from reaching your turf, causing it to die by the springtime. They can also attract pests like rodents and insects and even invite fungal diseases into your lawn. Our professional leaf removal team at Rimble Landscaping can clear your yard of leaves so you won't have to worry about them this fall. We offer our leaf removal service to homeowners in Arlington, Falls Church, Annandale, and throughout the surrounding areas of Virginia. Give us a call today at (703) 527-6950 to schedule our leaf removal service and ensure that you have a leaf-free yard this fall.