Lawns require nutrients so that they can grow strong and healthy, but it can be hard for lawns to get all of the nutrients that they need to thrive naturally. That's where fertilization comes in. Fertilizers are filled with essential nutrients that encourage deep root growth, give grass that beautiful green color, and even help grass stand up to diseases and other stressors. While fertilizers are extremely beneficial to lawns, they need to be applied at the right time to maximize their benefits. Here in the Arlington, VA, area, lawns should be fertilized following a strict schedule: once in the spring, once at the beginning of the fall season, and once more at the end of the fall season. Continue reading to learn more about why these times are the perfect times to fertilize your lawn.

Fertilize your lawn in the spring to help it recover from winter and to prepare it for the summer.

Fertilized lawn for a home after the winter season in Arlington, VA.

The winters in Arlington, VA, can be pretty harsh, and your lawn will be dormant throughout the winter in order to make it through. Once spring arrives, your lawn will need a boost to help give it a kickstart to the growing season. By fertilizing your lawn in the spring, you will give it the nutrients it needs to recover from the winter season and start growing again. However, that's not the only benefit of fertilizing your lawn in the spring. Spring fertilization will also help prepare your lawn for the hot summer season. Because most lawns in Arlington consist of cool-season grass that struggles when the temperatures rise, you'll want to make sure your grass has everything it needs to make it through the summer. By fertilizing your lawn in the spring, it will have the nutrients that it needs to endure the summer heat.

Fertilize your lawn in the early fall to replenish the nutrients it used up over the summer.

Over the course of the summer season, your lawn will have used a lot of the nutrients that it had to stay strong and healthy despite the heat. By fertilizing your lawn in the early fall, you will replenish the nutrients that it used up during the summer. This is very important because your lawn will need these nutrients to recover from the stress of summer.

The three main nutrients that most fertilizers contain are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Prepare your lawn for the winter season by fertilizing it in the late fall.

A fertilized healthy lawn for a home in Arlington, VA.

As the fall season marches on, you will want to fertilize your lawn one last time. That's because a late fall fertilization treatment can help your lawn prepare for the winter season. Because the winter season can take such a toll on your lawn due to the freezing temperatures it will have to endure, you'll want to make sure that it has a full supply of nutrients to feed off of so that it can make it through it. By fertilizing your lawn one last time in the late fall, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn will have what it needs to survive the winter and make it through to spring.

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