As winter approaches, it is important that you prepare the landscape beds on your property properly so they can flourish come springtime. The winters we experience here in the Arlington, VA area can cause problems in our landscape beds if we don't prepare them properly. These problems can lead to unpleasant surprises in the spring such as dead plants and overgrown weeds.

Some of the most important maintenance services to schedule before the snow begins to fall include debris removal, shrub trimming and pruning, weed pulling, and mulch replenishment.

Debris removal will help keep your plants healthy and prevent bug infestations.

Leaves and debris collected in Falls Church, VA.

One of the most important tasks to complete when preparing your landscape beds for winter is to clear out all of the debris. This includes sticks, twigs, leaves, garbage, and anything else that shouldn't be there. This task is vital to the health of your plants, as debris can block sunlight, water, and essential nutrients from reaching the roots.

Debris can also be an attractive home to unwanted bugs and insects due to the warm environment that it can create. These pests can eat your plants and infest your landscape beds. By removing all debris from your beds, you significantly decrease the chances of harming your plants.

Trim and prune your shrubs to keep them healthy and looking good.

Pruning landscape shrubs at a home in Arlington, VA.

Taking care of your shrubs before winter sets in is a task that should not be overlooked. Proper shrubbery care is composed of two essential tasks - trimming and pruning.

  • Trimming is the act of cutting the tips and branches off of your plants to clean up their overall appearance. Trimming is purely for cosmetic reasons, so it should be done if you want your shrubs and bushes to look their best when spring rolls around.
  • Pruning is the act of removing dead or diseased branches from your plant. This service is crucial because it prevents the problem from spreading throughout the rest of the plant. Always hire a professional for your pruning needs, as some types of plants can be pruned in the fall while others cannot.

Pull weeds so they don't steal nutrients from your plants.

Pulling weeds from a landscape bed in Annandale, VA.

Pulling weeds from your landscape beds before winter is an essential task that should never be skipped. Weeds are notorious for stealing nutrients, meaning that your desired plants will spend the winter season competing for resources if there are weeds left in your landscape beds. By ridding your property of weeds before winter, you can rest easy knowing that your plants are getting what they need to survive the cold.

Add mulch to regulate soil temperature, suppress weed growth, and more.

Dark mulch for a landscape bed in Mclean, VA.

If your landscape beds don't have mulch yet, fall is the time to protect your plants with mulch installation. If your landscape beds are already equipped with mulch, you should check to make sure that the layer is thick enough to provide enough protection. Mulch is not only for aesthetic purposes; it provides health benefits for your plants through:

  • Soil temperature regulation
  • Soil moisture retention
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Weed growth suppression

Mulch should be about 2-3 inches thick for optimal performance.

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If you are looking to have a company prepare your landscape beds for winter, look no further than our professionals at Rimble Landscaping. We offer a comprehensive fall cleanup service, which includes paying special attention to your landscape beds and ensuring that they are prepared for the winter season with the above maintenance tasks.

We have been serving property owners in Arlington, Falls Church, Annandale, and nearby areas in VA since 2010. We have the tools, experience, and know-how to ensure your landscape beds are prepared for winter so that they will be ready to go in the spring. Give us a call today at (703) 527-6950 to schedule!