Mulch is a great ground covering to add to your landscape beds because it will instantly enhance their beauty. However, it can do more than just add beauty to them! Mulch can also help your soil retain moisture by preventing the sun from evaporating any water too quickly. It can also help regulate the soil temperature in your landscape beds to protect your plants from drastic temperature changes. Mulch can also help prevent weeds from taking over your landscape beds by suffocating existing weeds and blocking new weed seeds from reaching the soil. What's more, as mulch decomposes, it will release nutrients back into your soil, making it the gift that keeps on giving! Continue reading this blog to learn more about the benefits that come with adding mulch to your landscape beds in Virginia.

Mulch can help retain moisture in your landscape beds.

Landscape bed with mulching to help plantings retain moisture in Vienna, VA.

Just like all living things, the plants in your landscape beds will need to stay hydrated in order to survive. However, the Virginia sun can evaporate the water in your landscape beds rather quickly during the hotter times of the year. That's where mulch comes in! Mulch will provide a cover for your soil, blocking the sun, and helping your soil retain its moisture by slowing down the evaporation process! The longer water stays in your soil, the more time your plants will have to absorb it!

Mulch can help regulate the soil temperatures in your landscape beds.

One of the biggest benefits of mulch is that it can regulate the soil temperatures in your landscape beds. It does this by insulating the soil so that when the outside temperatures change, the soil temperature doesn't change nearly as much. This is very beneficial to your plants because a sudden change in temperature could affect their health.

Mulch should be applied between 2-3 inches thick. Any thicker and it could suffocate your plants, any thinner and it won't provide its intended benefits.

Mulch helps prevent weeds from growing in your landscape beds.

Planting in a landscape bed with mulch added to protect from weeds in Falls Church, VA.

Weeds can be a big problem if they infiltrate your landscape beds. That's because they can not only drag down their curb appeal, but they can also steal nutrients and other resources from your plants. One way to combat this issue is to have a mulch ground covering installed in your landscape beds. When you add mulch to your landscape beds, it can suffocate any existing weeds and block their access to sunlight, eventually causing those weeds to die. What's more, mulch can also prevent new weed seeds that make their way to your landscape beds from reaching the soil, so they won't have a chance to germinate and start growing.

As mulch decomposes, it will return nutrients to your soil!

Mulchg is an organic material that is made up of vital nutrients. Over time, your mulch will start to decompose, but that's not a bad thing! That's because as it decomposes, it will release nutrients back into your soil. This will give your plants an added boost to help fuel their growth. All you need to do is replenish the mulch about once a year to ensure that you reinforce its layer so that it provides all of the benefits that it should.

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