Increasing curb appeal may seem like an elusive achievement, but it doesn't have to be anything drastic like a large landscape bed renovation project or installing a hardscape. You can keep it simple! Keeping your trees and shrubs nicely trimmed will go a long way in giving your property a well-manicured appearance. You can also install new plants to add fresh color and interest to your landscape, and you can even make them low maintenance if you opt for plants native to your area like coral bells for properties in Virginia. One of the biggest ways you can up your curb appeal game is simply to enroll in a fertilization program. Giving your turf a regular influx of nutrients will help it to thrive and become the lush, green lawn you always wanted! By employing one or all of these strategies, you'll see that even the small things add up to big results for your curb appeal.

Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed for a well-manicured appearance.

Professional with trimmers trimming shrub bush in landscape bed in Annandale, VA.

Trees and shrubs are foundational to the appearance of your landscape and can often be overlooked despite the big aesthetic difference they can make. By simply keeping these landscaping plants trimmed, you'll go a long way in achieving a well-manicured appearance for your property. Proper trimming will see to it that your plant maintains a nice shape without letting it crowd into the space of other plants. This makes the placement of trees and shrubs look intentional and well-spaced, adding to your overall curb appeal!

Installing new, native plants will give your landscape a low-maintenance refresh.

Installing new plants is a great way to refresh your landscape without needing to change any physical structures. They can add fresh color and interest, especially when they're placed with landscape design in mind. Consider design elements like focal points, balance, color, texture, and scale for the best results. You'll also thank yourself later for keeping the plants you select as low maintenance as possible! Native plants are the best choice to fill out your landscape, as they'll be well adjusted to the local climate without much babying needed.

Mulch installation is another great update you can make to liven up your landscape without doing a full renovation.

Enrolling in a fertilization program will encourage lush, green growth in your lawn to boost curb appeal.

Fertilized luscious green lawn in Burke, VA.

One of the parts of your landscape that is going to stand out the most to passersby is your lawn. If your lawn is weak and dilapidated, that's going to put a big dent in your overall curb appeal. By enrolling in a fertilization program, you can ensure your lawn is a plus, not a minus! When you sign up for a fertilization program, you'll be penciling in regular nourishment for your grass. With the influx of nutrients, your turf will be able to thrive and grow into the lush, green lawn you've always pictured!

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