Summer is winding down, which marks the end of hot weather and the return of fall. But one constant is your desire to maintain a beautiful lawn year-round. The challenge here in Virginia is knowing what it takes to give your lawn the facelift it deserves as summer fades and winter approaches.

To help you better transition into the cooler months, core aeration and overseeding are a must. Core aeration will loosen your soil and overseeding will fill in any patchy, bare areas on your lawn. The great thing about loosened soil is that it creates an inviting environment for freshly planted seeds, which is why the two services work so well together!

What is core aeration and how does it help your lawn?

Freshly aerated cores on a lawn in Arlington, VA.

Every time your lawn experiences foot traffic, rain, fallen leaves, etc., it becomes compacted or compressed. Compacted soil obstructs the flow of moisture, air, sunlight, and nutrients to your lawn's root system. If not addressed, hardened soil can lead to weaker and thinner grass. You can remedy compacted soil through a service known as core aeration.

  • How core aeration works - Core aeration is the process of using a core aerator to loosen the soil in your yard. This involves a technician walking the machine across your lawn. Along the way, the aerator removes soil cores, or plugs, from the lawn.
  • How core aeration improves lawns - In addition to breaking up compacted soil, core aeration offers a more direct path for nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. It's especially helpful during the autumn months because lawns in Virginia feature cool-season grass that often struggles during the summer and is in need of rejuvenation.

What is overseeding and how does it help your lawn?

Seeds being hand poured on a freshly aerated lawn in Fairfax, VA.

Overseeding, not to be confused with reseeding, is planting grass seed on your existing lawn. For best results, your lawn care service professional should spread the seeds across your entire yard, focusing on especially patchy areas.

  • How overseeding works - Service professionals often use a seed spreader to spread the new seeds throughout your lawn. Scheduling this service in the fall is essential so that the new seeds can take advantage of the ideal cooler temperatures.
  • How overseeding helps lawns - A key benefit of fall overseeding is you don't have to worry about reseeding or re-planting seed on bare patches of soil come spring. The new grass also crowds out pesky weeds while warding off unwanted insects.

Having a lawn care professional overseed your lawn keeps your grass full and thick throughout the year.

Why is it important to overseed directly after core aeration?

Lawn professionals often pair core aeration and overseeding, as the two work very well together. The main reason that lawn care crews overseed directly after aerating your lawn is that the newly planted seeds fall into the holes left by the aerator. This promotes better seed-to-soil contact that improves the odds of successful germination.

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With fall quickly approaching, your grass is ready to bounce back from the summer heat. Now is the time to help bring it back to life for a fuller and healthier lawn that's better equipped to handle the winter season. Accomplish this with our core aeration and overseeding services!

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