Lawns in Virginia experience dramatic changes between seasons and need to be properly cared for throughout the year to look their best and stay healthy. One crucial part of doing so is scheduling core aeration annually. Aeration opens up passageways in your soil to give the roots of your grass better access to nutrients, which, in turn, makes your grass stand stronger against stressors like changing temperatures and turf disease. It is best to aerate your lawn in the fall to help it recover from the summer stress and gear up for the winter weather ahead.

How does core aeration help your lawn?

Aerator machine shown in lawn in Burke, VA.

Scheduling core aeration each year will improve your lawn's health down to the roots. Remember, caring for your lawn means more than just mowing the grass. The roots and soil also need TLC! The main job of core aeration is to loosen up compacted soil. Here are some of the ways that your lawn benefits from loosened soil after core aeration:

  • The roots of your grass have better access to essential nutrients. Aeration creates passageways in your soil so that the roots of your grass have access to what they need!
  • Aerating your lawn can reduce water runoff. The open pores in the soil created during the core aeration process allow water to sink into the soil instead of just washing over it. This keeps your soil and roots hydrated!

Core aeration strengthens your grass against stressors like turf disease and temperature changes.

Because core aeration gives the roots of your grass better access to essential resources like nutrients, sunlight, and water, your grass will be much more equipped to stand up against external stressors. Things like turf diseases and drastic temperature changes often negatively impact grass that wasn't strong in the first place. If you make sure that your grass has what it needs to withstand less-than-ideal conditions, you'll spend less time digging into your wallet to nurse your lawn back to health!

Try overseeding your lawn after aeration to fill in any bare or patchy areas before winter comes along!

Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn every year.

Holes plugged out from lawn after aeration service in Arlington, VA.

Annual aeration provides so many benefits for your grass; however, you have to do it at the right time of the year in order to see the best results. Lawns in Virginia primarily have cool-season grass types. This means that they thrive in cooler soil temperatures, which we experience in the fall season. Core aerating your lawn when it is at its strongest is very important to make sure that your lawn quickly bounces back from the cores being removed. Pulling cores of soil out of the lawn in the summer heat when your grass is already struggling could actually do more harm than good. So, it is best to wait until fall when your grass is at its strongest.

Another reason to aerate your lawn in the fall is that it will help your grass recover from the summer stress and prepare for the winter season. Over the summer, things like foot traffic, lawn mower traffic, and rain contribute to compacted soil. It is important to loosen up that soil before the winter so that your lawn can stock up on all the nutrients it needs before it goes dormant.

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