Weeds are never a pleasant sight on your property. Not only do they tarnish the appearance of your grass, but they also compete with your turf for key resources like water and nutrients. If you are in Virginia, there are 4 weeds you should be on the lookout for — crabgrass, dandelions, white clover, and chickweed. These 4 weeds are commonly found on lawns in Virginia and can overtake your property if not treated properly. In this blog, you will learn about each weed and what you can do to combat its presence on your property. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Crabgrass

Crabgrass weed in a lawn in Arlington, VA.

Crabgrass is a grassy weed that is classified as a summer annual. It germinates in the spring and grows rapidly in the summer months when temperatures are warm and humidity levels are elevated. With long, lanky stems that branch off in various directions, crabgrass remotely resembles a crab with many legs. The best way to treat crabgrass is to apply pre-emergent herbicide treatments in the spring to prevent it from ever breaching the surface of your lawn. If crabgrass does pop up on your lawn in the summer months, you can eliminate it with post-emergent weed control treatments.

Crabgrass cannot withstand the cold weather and is usually wiped out by frost in the mid-to-late fall.

2. Dandelions

Dandelion weeds growing in a lawn in Falls Church, VA.

Dandelions are perennial weeds that grow throughout the year but thrive in the spring and fall. They have long stalks with yellow flowers that become grayish spheres of seed that are popularly blown when making a wish. As a result, dandelions can spread very quickly and populate large swaths of a property. The most effective way to combat dandelions in Virginia is to apply a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments to your lawn consistently throughout the year.

3. White Clover

White clover weeds in lawn in Vienna, VA.

White clover is a perennial weed that typically appears on properties in Virginia in the spring, summer, and early fall. It grows in dense clumps and has the potential to consume large areas of a lawn if left untreated. White clover has leaves that consist of 3 small leaflets and features small flowers that are typically white or light pink. You can protect your turf from a white clover infestation by applying pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments consistently throughout the year.

Combine weed control treatments with fertilization treatments to achieve a strong, weed-free lawn!

4. Chickweed

Chickweeds growing in a lawn in Annandale, VA.

Chickweed is a winter annual weed that grows in the winter, blooms white flowers in the spring, and dies in the summer as temperatures rise. It consists of numerous, tiny leaves that have an ovular shape. Chickweed follows a prostrate growing pattern and hugs the ground closely. If you want to keep chickweed off your lawn, you should apply pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments to your turf throughout its growing season.

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