The fall season in Virginia brings cooler weather and colorful leaves, but it is also a perfect time to schedule a fall cleanup service for your landscape beds! Since the growing season is done and the winter months are approaching, it is essential to prepare and improve the health of your landscape beds during this time to give them a better chance of surviving the freezing temperatures. Four services that should always be included in a fall cleanup include removing debris from landscape beds, removing weeds from landscape beds, edging landscape beds, and trimming/shaping bushes and hedges. With these services, your landscape beds will look great and be better equipped to make it through the winter season.

1. Removing Debris From Landscape Beds

Fall cleanup in a landscape bed in Annandale, VA.

Debris in your landscape beds can prevent your soil from receiving the sunlight and other vital nutrients that it requires to support the growth of your plants. Even though it may not always be possible to avoid natural debris like twigs, rocks, and leaves, allowing it to accumulate will harm the health of your landscape beds. The removal of debris should always be included in a fall cleanup to ensure that your landscape beds maintain their beautiful appearance and remain healthy for the upcoming winter months.

Mold, fungus, and even pests can live under debris in your landscape beds.

2. Removing Weeds From Landscape Beds

A gloved professional pulling weeds from a landscape bed in Arlington, VA.

Weeds are an inconvenience for every property owner because they steal much-needed nutrients from your plants for themselves. They serve no purpose besides harming your plants, which is the last thing your valuable plants need before the winter season approaches. Because of this, removing weeds from your landscape beds is another service that should always be included in a fall cleanup. This will make sure your plants are the only thing receiving nutrients, which they'll need to make it through the winter months ahead.

3. Edging Landscape Beds

Edged landscape bed in Alexandria, VA.

By edging your landscape beds in the fall, you can give them a tidy appearance all winter long. Edging your landscape beds can also prevent grass and weeds from invading your landscape beds by creating a distinctive barrier between your lawn and your landscape beds. Before signing up for a fall cleanup service, make sure that the company you are looking to hire includes edging landscape beds in their service.

4. Trimming & Shaping Bushes & Hedges

Hedge being trimmed in a landscape bed in Vienna, VA.

It is necessary to trim and shape your bushes and hedges to ensure that all of their branches receive sunlight, airflow, and nutrients. Professionals can shape and trim your bushes and hedges to help them thrive and look beautiful. This should always be included in a fall cleanup service to ensure that your plants maintain their beautiful appearance throughout the winter and are ready for the spring season.

Installing mulch to your landscape beds will improve their overall appearance as well as provide amazing health benefits to your soil and plants.

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At Rimble Landscaping, our fall cleanup service is offered to ensure your landscape beds are in pristine condition throughout the season. Our professionals will remove any debris and weeds to ensure that nothing is blocking your soil from receiving essential nutrients, and we will even edge your landscape beds and trim bushes or hedges to give them a neat look. We offer our fall cleanup service in November and December! Our fall cleanup service is offered to residential properties in Arlington, Falls Church, Annandale, VA, and surrounding areas. Call (703) 527-6950 to schedule our fall cleanup service for your property today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!