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Annandale, VA Lawn & Landscaping Services

We perform a wide range of 5-star lawn and landscaping services.

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Lawn & Landscaping Services in Annandale, VA

Our services include lawn care, lawn and landscape maintenance, and design and build.

Annandale, VA is one of the premier suburbs in the Washington, D.C. area. Located in Fairfax County, it covers about 8 square miles and is home to more than 40,000 residents. The Annandale community features gorgeous houses, top schools, and many attractions, including Hiden Oaks Nature Center and Lake Accotink Park.

At Rimble Landscaping, we have provided professional lawn and landscaping services to Annandale residents since 2010. Our team continually strives to exceed our clients' high expectations and deliver the best possible results when it comes to lawn care, lawn and landscape maintenance, and design and build services. You can rest easy when you hire our expert team to tend your property. We treat it as if it is our own!

Our lawn care services focus on improving turf health.

Lawns don't become dense, lush, and green on accident. Rather, beautiful grass is the result of consistent nurturing. Our lawn care services focus on improving your turf's health so that it can grow uninhibited, withstand stress, and reach its full potential.

We offer a 7-step fertilization and weed control program that runs from early spring to late fall, positioning your lawn to thrive in every season. Our fertilizer delivers key nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium that power healthy grass growth, while our preventative and curative weed control treatments eliminate pesky weeds from your yard. Together, fertilization and weed control help optimize your turf in Annandale.

We also offer aeration and overseeding services that work in tandem to enhance your lawn's density. These two services are available in September and October, assisting your cool-season turf with the transition from summer into the cooler seasons. Aeration improves the flow of nutrients, water, and oxygen to your lawn's roots, while overseeding promotes the formation of thicker grass.

Our lawn care services include:

Our lawn and landscape maintenance services include lawn mowing, plant trimming, and more.

Newly mowed home lawn near Annandale, VA.

Properties with well-maintained lawns and landscaping simply look better than those with unruly grass and overgrown bushes. Our lawn and landscape maintenance services keep your property tidy, manicured, and in peak condition, vastly improving your home's curb appeal. Lawn mowing is our most popular lawn maintenance service, with both weekly and bi-weekly options available. We offer our lawn mowing service from March to November and include string-trimming, edging, and debris blowing at every visit.

Also in high demand are our bush and shrub trimming services. You can hire us to perform a 1-time trim on your property or enroll in a routine maintenance program that includes regular visits. We keep your plants well-groomed and inspect them for diseases and insects to ensure they are staying healthy. Our mulch installation services benefit the health of your plants as well. Mulch regulates soil temperature and aids in moisture retention while preventing weed growth. We install double-shredded hardwood mulch, bark mulch, and carpet mulch to enrich the landscape beds of many Annandale homes.

Our lawn maintenance services include:

We have provided reliable, top-notch lawn and landscaping services to residents in Annandale, VA since 2010.

We design and build hardscapes and softscapes.

In addition to our lawn care and landscape maintenance offerings, we provide design and build services to further enhance your property. Our team can perform plantings and landscape bed renovations to overhaul your softscape, or install numerous features to upgrade and customize your hardscape. Whether you want a fire pit, patio, or seating wall, we can help create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Our landscape design and build services include:

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Whether you want your lawn mowed and fertilized or are in the market for a new patio, our team at Rimble Landscaping is here to meet your needs. We have provided professional lawn and landscaping services to Annandale, VA residents since 2010 with an unwavering dedication to delivering quality results. If you live in Annandale or a nearby area such as Arlington or Falls Church, call us today at (703) 527-6950 to schedule our services!