We offer aeration and overseeding services to properties in the Arlington, Falls Church, and Annandale, VA areas.

Aeration and overseeding work together to strengthen your lawn and enhance its fullness.

Our core aeration machine in action on a property in Falls Church, VA.

Your lawn has enjoyed the spring and summer growing seasons. At Rimble Landscaping, we can help your turf continue to be at its best with our top-notch aeration and overseeding services. These two services work in tandem to improve your lawn's health and appearance, providing benefits that extend throughout the year. Since 2010, our team of lawn care experts has proudly served properties in Arlington, Falls Church, Annandale, VA, and nearby cities. We look forward to helping unlock your lawn's full potential!

What is Aeration & How Does it Work

Aeration refers to the process of aerating your lawn. This can be done a couple of ways, but at Rimble Landscaping, we favor a method called core aeration. Core aeration involves the mechanical removal of hundreds of small, cylindrical soil pieces from your lawn. These soil pieces are called plugs and measure between 1/2 to 3/4 inches in diameter and 1 to 6 inches in depth. We ensure the little holes are spaced evenly across your lawn by using our own aeration machine.

Aeration loosens up your lawn's underlying soil, which naturally hardens and compacts over time, and creates new channels for oxygen, water, and nutrients to flow. With increased absorption of these vital elements, your turf's roots have the power to grow deeper into the softened soil.

A strong, healthy root system significantly enhances your lawn's health, appearance, and resiliency to adverse conditions.

When Aeration Should Be Performed

In northern VA, aeration should be performed in September or October to maximize its effect on your lawn. At Rimble Landscaping, we recommend taking advantage of this service annually to nurture your turf and promote its long-term health. This simple, impactful service is available to all residents in and around Arlington, Falls Church, Annandale, VA, and nearby cities. Although we would love to meet your lawn mowing needs, you do not have to be one of our existing lawn mowing customers to use our aeration service.

Overseed Your Lawn After Aerating

Our landscaper spreading seeds on a lawn after aeration in Annandale, VA.

Not only do we offer aeration services for residential properties in northern Virginia, we also provide overseeding services. At Rimble Landscaping, we cannot overemphasize the importance of allowing us to overseed your lawn after aerating it. This involves spreading grass seed across your lawn to achieve the following benefits:

  • Overseeding enhances your lawn's density and fullness.
  • Overseeding promotes your lawn's greenness.
  • Overseeding stops bare patches from tarnishing your lawn's appearance.
  • Overseeding helps your lawn look awesome.

Although you are not required to pair overseeding with fall aeration, property owners who overseed enjoy thicker lawns without a bare spot in sight.

How We Overseed to Produce the Best Results

We have created an overseeding process to produce the best results for lawns in northern Virginia. It begins with using the right type of seed for your property. Since the overwhelming majority of lawns in our area feature cool-season turf, we deploy a tall fescue seed blend that is ideal for local turf.

We methodically spread these seeds throughout your yard and then kickstart their growth by applying starter fertilizer. This expedites your lawn's development so that it can achieve peak fullness and health as soon as possible. As with our aeration service, we strongly recommend overseeding your lawn annually to maximize its impact and ensure sustained success.

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